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FAQs – Live Band

Some FAQs about live band performance:

1. When should I book the live band?

All our bookings are on first come first serve basis. We recommend client to book us as soon as possible especially the performance is in year-end (i.e. September to January) Just a reminder that we might charge a little bit more for bookings 30 days prior to performance date, and on Dec 24, 25, 30, 31 and Jan 1.

2. How many piece of music will be perform?

It really depends! Say for an-hour wedding registry, around 10 pieces of music could be played. For a 3-hour wedding dinner banquet, around 28-32 pieces of music could be played. But it really depends on your rundown and activities involved.

3. What pieces will be performed?

Can I create my own selection of music? We will provide you a list for selection. There are more than 300 pieces of music in our list, covering from Jazz, English pop, Chinese pop, Canto-pop, Japanese, Korean, Christian and New age music. But of course you can pick the music that is not in our list and suggest any music style you like as long as the music suits your event!

4. Our staff wanna jam with your band in our annual dinner. Is it ok? Any extra charge?

Sure! There will be no extra charge if the rehearsal is held on the performance date in the venue. But if you guys need rehearsal time ahead of that in our studio, the cost is about $400 – $800 per hour.

5. We have a very tight rundown in our party. Can your band work that out with us?

Of course we can! Our music rundown will fit in your schedule and events in the party!

6. What would the musicians wear?

We will have formal wear, i.e gentlemen in black suit and ladies in black too. Our vocalist and soloist might wear a little bit different than the musicians. If there any dress code or colour theme in your party, feel free to let us know!

7. Would I be charge for OT?

We understand that all weddings and annual dinner would usually a little bit over run. So we won’t charge for OT if it is only 15 mins over run. Please feel free to let us know if you need to extend the performance time ahead of time to avoid OT charges.

8. What time would the musicians arrive?

For wedding ceremony in church, we will arrive at least one hour before. For dinner banquet, we will arrive once the venue is ready, usually 3-4 hours before the performance start. Once our crew arrive, we will set up and work on the sound check and rehearsal.





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